Q. What is the difference between Massage Therapy and Physiotherapy?

A. Massage Therapy treats musculoskeletal dysfunctions by relaxing, stretching and increasing blood flow to muscles that are too tight and pulling the body out of alignment, while one of the focuses of Physiotherapy is increasing the strength of weak muscles.

Q. Are there forms for me to complete prior to my first session?

A. Yes. There is an online initial intake form that you should have been emailed when you booked your appointment. If you have not yet received that form, please call 604-432-6141 or email info@amorarmt.com to request it.

If you would like us to try to direct bill your extended health provider, please download, print, complete and bring the following two forms with you to your first session:
Benefit Assignment Form
Electronic Transmission Authorization and Consent Form

Below is a list of the providers we may be able to direct bill and their contact information so you can confirm your coverage and eligibility for direct billing with them:

Pacific Blue Cross 1-877-722-2583
Medavie Blue Cross 1-888-873-9200
Chamber of Commerce Group Insurance 1-800-665-3365
CINUP 1-800-665-1234
Cowan 1-888-509-7797
Desjardins Insurance 1-800-463-7843
First Canadian 1-866-212-5644
Great-West Life 1-800-957-9777
Industrial Alliance 1-877-422-6487
Johnson Inc. 1-866-773-5467
Johnston Group Inc. 1-800-893-7587
Manulife Financial 1-866-407-7878
Maximum Benefit 1-800-893-7587
Sun Life Financial 1-855-301-4786

Q. Do you direct bill ICBC or WCB?

No, we are no longer offering direct billing to these insurers at this time. You may still be eligible for coverage and reimbursed if you submit your receipts to them. Please check with your adjustor.

Q. Is Massage Therapy covered by the Medical Services Plan?

A. People with low incomes are eligible for up a subsidy of $23.00 for up to 10 treatments a year, divided between Massage Therapy, Physiotherapy, Podiatry, Chiropractic and Acupuncture. To find out if this is an insured benefit for you, call 604-669-6667, press 1 twice and then enter your Personal Health Number and birth date information as prompted. The automated service will let you know if coverage is fine, and how many treatments have been used or billed to date for the year, or if it is not an insured benefit for you.

Q. How do I cancel my appointment?

When you book your appointment, and two days before your scheduled time you should receive emails with a link to your account page where you will be able to cancel. You are not allowed to cancel online within 24 hours of your appointment time.

At Amora Massage Therapy Clinic, we endeavour to honour your time by being ready for you at your treatment time and by sending reminder emails to ensure clarity about appointments. We ask that you would honour our time as well, by giving us at least 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. We do our best to fill the appointment slots with people who had wanted them, but sometimes that is not possible because of lack of notice.

Patients will be charged personally for missed appointments without notice of cancellation.